Aerial Installers for the miniscule 4-inch TV Aerial

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The miniscule 4-inch tv aerial weighs only 85 grams but picks up channels perfectly

Small TV aerials are usually terrible, they’ll only pick up a few channels and really lack any sort of strength to pick up much more. However, that fact could soon be a thing of the past. A group of academics from a University in Mexico has created this petite antenna, which measures just over 10cm and weighs only 85 grams, all the while receiving the exact same analogue and digital TV broadcast signals that any other, and usually larger, aerial could.

The new gadget has been both inside and outside their office, and it really does seem to strangely work best when mounted onto the ceiling of a structure, at the correct orientation of course. Nevertheless, given its so small, there isn’t any reason to not have it mounted fairly close to your TV set either. Wherever you decide to put it, when you actually get your hands on one, it doesn’t even require power either so it’s extremely user friendly and easy to setup.

Unfortunately, the team behind the aerial aren’t a lot about it, or how it actually operates, but they do state that “the idea came from applying new materials and new geometries, to generate a smaller antenna in contrast to those that are previously obtainable. Innovative resources were tested and the design was based on a range of antennas and other features, so it’s in fact more than one antenna.”

In trials in California, it easily picked up all 70 of the local channels which are free in the area, while in Mexico City it picked up 28 in the same manner. Unfortunately, it hasn’t yet gone into full-blown manufacture so far as the researchers are still on the lookout for investment. But it’ll probably prove quite popular if it ever does go on sale.

Sadly, for our customers as well, this technology hasn’t quite reached our shores yet, but in the meantime If you have lost signal on your television, or are experiencing poor picture quality, pixelating or freezing TV channels, Aerial & Satellite Express can perform a TV Aerial or Satellite TV repair at your property and have all your TV channels working again!

An Aerial & Satellite Express engineer can attend your property & perform a FULL diagnosis of your analogue or digital television viewing system. Once the fault has been found, we will endeavour to rectify your television viewing system to receiving the optimum signal possible by using one of our reliable and thoroughly tested aerials which are very reliable.