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How do I know if I can receive digital Freeview? Well you will need an indoor aerial if you live in Maidens.

If you don’t already own a digital Freeview set-top box or IDTV (that’s a TV with an integrated digital tuner), check you’re actually in a coverage area on the Freeview website. Coverage and signal strength will increase as the old analogue TV signal is switched off between 2008 and 2012.

If I get a good analogue reception in Maidens, will I get good digital reception?

As a rule of thumb, if you have good analogue reception, the main digital channels should be fine too.

How do digital signals in Maidens differ from analogue signals?

Digital TV signals differ from the old analogue signals in two significant ways, making your choice of aerial crucial. Firstly, a weak analogue signal often means grainy pictures and annoying interference. This may be irritating but is sometimes still watch-able. However, a weak digital TV signal often means no picture at all.

Secondly digital TV channels are broadcast in groups called multiplexes, instead of individually (as on analogue TV). If a group can’t be received, that means missing out on a dozen or more channels. Fortunately our Best Buys are good at picking up both weak signals and a wide spread of channel groups.

What’s the best location and angle for my indoor aerial in Maidens?

If you can manage to find a spot, we find it’s usually near a window, at head height. Check your aerial is horizontally or vertically angled to match your local transmitter. The position of the roof -top aerials in your neighbourhood will be a good indicator.

Will a Best Buy indoor aerial always work in Maidens?

A Best Buy indoor aerial maximizes your chances of getting a decent picture but is no guarantee of success. Where you live, the size of surrounding buildings and the position of the aerial all play their part. However, to be sure of the best picture possible, call Fast and Local for your local TV freeview aerial installer!

What is a multiplex?

Digital TV and radio stations are grouped and transmitted in bundles called multiplexes. There are six multiplexes altogether. If you can’t receive a multiplex you will miss out on all the channels it carries.