Find a TV Engineer to Install your New Home Cinema Projector

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Here are some things you’ll need to consider for that ideal watching experience and how to get your home cinema looking faultless.

Throw distance

This is one of the most significant concerns when thinking about the location of your new projector. It refers to the space between the projector’s lens and the screen itself. Plus, while this used to be difficult to set up, most up-to-date projectors are a relatively easy these days to configure, and they’re also fairly merciful when it comes to area size, screen size and when correcting your arrangement for ideal viewing.


The majority of current projectors can be positioned on any flat plane, such as a ledge, cupboard or counter, but there’s also the choice of affixing the projector to the ceiling so that it’s out of the way and not likely to be in anyone’s way, blocking the view.

There are numerous guides as to how to go about mounting a projector on the ceiling, but just keep in mind that the projector will be upside-down in this situation, so you’ll need to correct the vertical offset and lens shift. We recommend you refer to the maker’s manual again for appreciating these settings.


Once you have your new-fangled projector in place, and you’ve made the changes stated previously, it’s time to set the zoom/focus to make sure that the projected picture is sharp and vibrant. There are two chief approaches to doing this which are manual zoom, which is frequently more precise, and motor-powered zoom, which has the benefit of allowing you to get up close and personal to the projected image to see if it’s really in focus or not.

Nearly every modern projector will sport a screen test pattern, which you can use to make certain the projected image is seamlessly straight against the screen from every imaginable viewpoint. One additional thing you can do is to call up some text with a lot of writing, such as a web page or document, the reason being that if the very edges of smaller text are pin sharp, then you know you’ve got the zoom and focus in perfect harmony with each other, and your own eyes.

Final tunings

Now you can change the room’s illumination to precisely how you’ll have it when you want to view films, which is extremely important. With lighting set how you want it to be, you’ll then need to adjust the contrast and the brightness. There are numerous test discs accessible or there are online video correction websites to help you fine-tune these finishing settings.