Freeview or Freesat Reception problems

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Picture break-up, clicking sounds or no picture at all may mean that the signal reaching your set-top box or digital TV is too weak.

If you have had this problem for a long period of time, you may well  need to upgrade or replace your aerial. That’s where Fast and Local’s experienced Freesat and Freeview engineers can help!

If the problem has just started, try resetting your set-top box or digital TV. If possible, check another TV set connected to a different aerial – for instance, at a neighbour’s – to see if that has the same problem.

If only your set is affected:

  • Make sure that your aerial lead is securely plugged into your set-top box or TV and check any other connections.
  • If there is still no improvement, your aerial may be broken or out of alignment. If you can see your external aerial, look at whether it is pointing in the same direction as others nearby. You should have the aerial and its connections checked for faults.

Unlike analogue TV, you cannot get ghosting with digital TV.

If you are still experiencing problems, then it sounds like you need the Fast and Local expertise of one of our qualified engineers. Contact us today and we Guarantee to give you the best picture available!