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4K television has changed from being just future prospect on the horizon of TV, into a tangible reality. There’s a snowballing variety of TVs nowadays, with the cost of them plummeting a steady rate too. The concern that would’ve put many customers off making the next step however, was the lack of content. Fortunately, all of that may finally be changing.

It’s no secret that Ultra HD, or 4K, can look astonishing, it delivers remarkable detail and clarity too. However, when it comes down to 4K video matter, for a long time everybody has fought to find anything more than promotional videos of flowers and cityscapes which you’ve already seen in TV shops in the high street, but finally things seem so be changing.

VOD streaming amenities such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video all give you films and TV shows, some are free, others are paid-for in some way, but the major news that will affect most people is that Ultra HD 4k Blu-ray discs and their players are here as well.

While they were assured to appear prior to the end of 2015, everyone had to wait until March of this year to get their hands on the first player, which was released by Panasonic. The great news now is that we’ll ultimately see more and more Blu-ray discs appear on the shelves in the UK from now on, plus it’s not just the up-to-date releases that will be given the high-resolution treatment either.

As for 4K transmissions, BT was the first on the scene with its BT Sport 4K channel, but Sky has plans in place to take things further by contributing a whole variety of 4K channels with its new Sky Q service. Sporting events will be the clear choice to start for these 4k images, and Sky has established that the entire 2017 F1 period will be transmitted in 4K as well, and it’s predicted that Sky will be presenting plenty more to keep your 4K TV happy.

The quantity of accessible 4K content is finally concluding that plumping for 4K is now a meaningful suggestion. The total content available to stream is swelling all the time and while it may depend on a high-speed internet service, it does offer the most wide-ranging catalogue.

The 4K Blu-rays however, offer a greater presentation to streaming as you can imagine. While there may only be a small number of titles accessible at the moment, it should start to intensify now that the hardware is out in the wild for purchase.

As for live TV which is broadcast in 4K, it was always going to be the slowest to pick up, even if it’s evidently at the forefront of the key broadcasters’’ minds. Bringing 4K to the mass public will obviously take a little more time than the other avenue. Also, with the fees involved with 4K equipment dropping very quickly and the amount of choice growing too, it’s more worthwhile than ever before to put a 4K TV in your household. And now there’s finally several reasons to make good use of it too.