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It is without doubt that loft aerials work much better without a roof in the way of the transmissions but aerials can still work reasonably well in lofts provided your signal strength is ok or, preferably, good.

One should bear in mind that since the transmission power went up considerably at switch over many more sites are in decent signal areas than was the case before. On the other hand, we do not normally recommend installing loft TV aerials in poor signal areas, though some people have no choice as there may be planning restrictions on outside antennas or access problems may be too severe.

Bearing in mind the loss in tv loft aerial signal caused by the roof it may be advisable to go for a slightly higher gain antenna than normally recommended for an (outside) aerial in your location.

Remember that if your Glasgow loft aerial is mounted outside but pointing back through the roof, or with insufficient clearance over it, then it may actually be preferable to install it in your roof space !

Aerial & Satellite Express  have highly trained and professional loft aerial service engineers who are on hand to provide advice and recommendations for digital tv loft aerial systems at your home, in and around Glasgow. Contact us today for a free loft aerial site survey in Glasgow on 0141 301 1254