Satellite Installation for new HD Channels

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Over 785 Ultra HD TV channels will be transported via your satellite dish by 2025, according to Northern Sky Research.

The exploration firm’s Ultra HD via Satellite, 3rd Edition account asserts that by 2017, “nearly all regions globally” will have right of entry to these Ultra HD channels, while emerging regions will get UHD networks by the end of the decade.

NSR stated that the plummeting price of 4K TVs quickens curiosity and demand in the new presentation, with 4K TV permeation proportions to escalate much faster than the early launch of HD TVs. It also predicted that the satellite capacity necessary to transmit bandwidth demanding Ultra HD channels will push an added 280 million dollars in annual leasing income as well.

“Given the exponential surges we’ve seen on 4K TV shipments, presenting Ultra HD channels and packages is a crucial strategy to retain and grow pay TV subscriber bases in a progressively competitive environment,” stated NSR forecaster and report writer, Alan Crisp.

“Additionally, this is a key competitive reply to OTT platforms’ ever increasing online content catalogues. While in the short term DTH, cable TV and IPTV services will deliver Ultra HD for ‘free’ with current premium channel bundles, longer term Ultra HD will attain higher revenue streams created by snowballing ARPUs and subscriber levels.”

The statement said that though Ultra HD remains a lesser factor of the video market, the influence to the bottom line of pay TV services and satellite operators is “strangely large” and will form a significant part of most platforms by 2025.

It’s been on the cards since the presentation of Sky Q last year that the Sky Q Silver box would be acquiring Ultra HD programming at some stage in its future, it’s just that no one knew when.

The chief box in the Sky Q line-up has the essential HDMI output to communicate 4K images, but that feature itself will only be switched on when there are truly Ultra HD shows and movies to broadcast, and not before.

Now it seems that the beans have indeed been spilt, as a Sky executive publicised that the pay TV firm will begin its own 4K Ultra HD channels at some time during the summer.

Talking at the Connected TV Conference in London, director of policy for Sky, Nick Herm, proclaimed that the firm intends to introduce UHD TV services “in time for the summer”. Furthermore, he stated that the brand new Now TV box, which was first revealed in January, will not just give customers online streamed facilities just like the current Now TV gadget, but also a digital TV tuner as well.

This will make it a perfect answer for those who are unable to have a Sky satellite dish as a part of their setup at home either.