Television Aerial repairs in Glasgow

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Professional TV Aerial Installation

Fast and Local Aerials supply and install a range of TV aerials capable of receiving Freeview, and Freeview HD.

We also service & maintain existing systems and provide a TV aerial repair service.

The Aerial

Firstly there is no such thing as a DIGITAL Aerial. Aerials, however, do vary in quality of design and construction.

Fast and Local Aerials only use CAI benchmarked aerials. The CAI benchmarked aerials have been extensively tested under a variety of conditions to ensure reliable reception. You can be sure these aerials will perform better and last longer than some of the budget priced constructions widely available in DIY stores.

The cable

  • Co-ax is Co-ax right? Not at all, there are many grades of cable
  • Poor quality cable will have greater loss, allows interference – can cause picture break-up on digital channels.
  • Fast and Local aerials use only CAI benchmarked cable. Again rigorously tested to ensure optimum performance and reliability

The Mast
The mast selected to support a given aerial must be strong enough to resist the battering of our beautiful Scottish weather. High winds frequently wreak havoc with TV aerials.

For that reason Fast and Local Aerials use only the best quality masts available

Many aerial installers fit painted brackets because they are cheap, well it isn’t their white rough cast wall that will have the huge brown stain running down it in a year or two. Painted brackets rust!!!!.

Fast and Local Aerials only use fully galvanized brackets, they cost a little more but avoid the nasty brown streak effect and remain where they were installed for many years after their painted cousin has disintegrated.


In the good old days of two channel telly pointing the aerial roughly in the direction of your neighbours aerial while your good lady watched the TV in the lounge shouting instructions resulted in a fairly watchable if somewhat blurry image. As with all things we have moved on.

Digital TV is far more demanding of signal quality.

Fast and Local Aerials Engineers align the aerials we install with Signal Analysers This ensures we achieve the optimum position for the aerial.

We locate the aerial and cable as discretely as possible . We always discuss the options with you of where we intend locating the aerial and cable, prior to commencing work.

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