Amnesty International Christmas Raffle 2019 supported by Aerial Express


#30DaysOfCharity – 63) Amnesty International Christmas Raffle 2019

Aerial Express

We’ve loved sharing the very deserving charities we’ve donated to over the last months and years and today’s charity is Amnesty International, Christmas Raffle 2019. The charity is one of the largest human rights organizations in the world and fights for the justice, freedom, and dignity of people all over the world.

Founded in 1961, the non-profit organization has been instrumental in the global fight for freedom and human rights to ensure that every individual has opportunities and a voice, whatever country they live in.


amnesty internation christmas raffle 2019

To get in touch with Amnesty International and to find out more about the work they do to make the world a better place, visit the website or call the charity on 020 7033 1500.


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