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Find Aerial Fitters In Brighton

local 01273 634 075(Brighton) 01273 634 075(Brighton)
local 0800 046 7879 (Freefone) 0800 046 7879 (Freefone)
local 07970 942 889 (Direct Mobile) 07970 942 889 (Direct Mobile)

Perfect Pictures In Every Room Installed Today!


  • We Offer Best Prices!

    Aerial & Satellite Express offer a free visit, free survey & free estimate and will beat any written quote from any other professional company.

  • Perfect Pictures in Every Room!

    We only use fully trained & experienced local engineers, who are familiar with your area and use the best quality products on the market.

  • We Turn Up on Time!

    We provide a same day service in most areas, and can also provide an emergency one hour service if required.

  • NO Mess!

    Our clean & tidy engineers take pride in their work, and will leave your house as good as when they arrived.

Aerial Fitters in Brighton

For top aerial fitters in Brighton, give our expert Aerial Express team a call today. We strive to provide you with the best prices, no mess services, the perfect picture and on time appointments. We cater to private and commercial clients, ensuring your viewing needs are met at all times. We provide our clients with mobile units which are stocked with all the tools needed to complete your project with confidence.

We have many happy customers and this number is growing by the day. Why not join them? If you are looking for aerial installers who can provide you with honest advice and same day service, then we are the team you are looking for.

How our Aerial Fitters in Brighton can help you

We will provide you with everything you need from Freeview and Freesat installations to European satellite and Sky installations, we can also assist with digital television options. We provide commercial services, CCTV system installations, high definition and multi room installations, home cinema installations TV aerial installations and we will even assist with TV mounting solutions. Our services are of the highest quality with no exposed cables.

Take advantage of our local services and give our expert aerial fitters in Brighton call right now. We are BT installation specialists, Sonos approved agents, Freeview and Freesat installation experts and members of The Society of Cable and Telecommunications, enabling you to use our services with confidence.

Contact our Aerial Fitters in Brighton today

Contact our aerial fitters in Brighton today by

  • Call us today on 01273 634 075
  • Use of live chat feature, which you can find at the bottom of this page.
  • Email us right away on
  • Or use our online contact form and we will call you back to discuss your needs.

All Towns covered:

We cover the whole of East Sussex including Brighton, Adelaide, Aldrington, Bear Road area, Bevendean, Black Rock, Brighton, Brighton Marina (a.k.a. Brighton Marina Village), Brunswick, Coldean, East Brighton, East Moulsecoomb, Elm Grove, Fiveways, Blakes Post Office Goldsmid, Hangleton, Hanover, Hollingbury, Hollingdean, Hove, Kemp Town (the Regency housing development), Kemptown (the wider neighbourhood), The Knoll, The Lanes, Mile Oak, Moulsecoomb, Ovingdean, Patcham, Portslade-by-Sea, Portslade Village, Preston, Preston Park, Prestonville, Queen’s Park, Roedean, Round Hill, Rottingdean, Saltdean, Seven Dials, Stanford, Stanmer, Stanmer Park, Surrenden, Tongdean, Upper Bevendean, Varndean, West Blatchington, West Hill, Westdene, Whitehawk, Withdean, Woodingdean

Postcodes covered:

BN111BE, BN111BG, BN111BN, BN111DA, BN111DB, BN111DE, BN111DF, BN111DH, BN111DJ, BN111DL, BN111DN, BN111DR, BN111DS, BN111DT, BN111DU, BN111EG, BN111ER, BN111HJ, BN111HR, BN111HU, BN111HX, BN111HY, BN111JA, BN111JB, BN111JH, BN111JP, BN111JR, BN111JX, BN111JY, BN111LA, BN111LB, BN111LD, BN111LX, BN111LZ, BN111NB, BN111NX, BN111NZ, BN111PB, BN111PD, BN111PF, BN111PG, BN111PZ, BN111QG, BN111QH, BN111QP, BN111QT, BN111QY, BN111RB, BN111RD, BN111RG, BN111RL, BN111RQ, BN111RY, BN111TA, BN111TF, BN111TH, BN111TJ, BN111TL, BN111TU, BN111UE, BN111UR, BN111UT, BN111UX, BN111XA, BN111XD, BN111XE, BN111XG, BN111XH, BN111XJ, BN111XN, BN111XQ, BN111XR, BN111XS, BN112AA, BN112AD, BN112AL, BN112AN, BN112AP, BN112AS, BN112AU, BN112AX, BN112AY, BN112BA, BN112BE, BN112BF, BN112BJ, BN112BP, BN112BQ, BN112DB, BN112DF, BN112DG, BN112DL, BN112DR, BN112DS, BN112DT, BN112DU, BN112DW, BN112DX, BN112EB, BN112EN, BN112EQ, BN112ES, BN112EU, BN112EX, BN112EY, BN112HA, BN112HD, BN112HE, BN112HF, BN112HG, BN112HH, BN112HL, BN112HN, BN112HS, BN112HX, BN112HZ, BN112JB, BN112JE, BN112JF, BN112JG, BN112JH, BN112JJ, BN112JL, BN112JP, BN112JU, BN112JX, BN112JY, BN112LB, BN112LE, BN112LH, BN112LL, BN112LN, BN112LR, BN112LS, BN112LT, BN112LU, BN112LY, BN112LZ, BN112NA, BN112NB, BN112ND, BN112NE, BN112NF, BN112NN, BN112NQ, BN112NR, BN112PA, BN112PB, BN112PE, BN112PH, BN112PL, BN112PN, BN112PP, BN112PR, BN112PS, BN112PU, BN112QA, BN112QF, BN112QG, BN112QH, BN112QJ, BN112QN, BN112QP, BN112QQ, BN112QR, BN112QS, BN112QT, BN112QU, BN112QW, BN112QX, BN112QY, BN112RH, BN112RJ, BN112RZ, BN112SB, BN112SF, BN112SG, BN112SH, BN112SL, BN112SP, BN112SR, BN112SS, BN112ST, BN112SU, BN112SW, BN113AT, BN113BS, BN113BX, BN113DJ, BN113DL, BN113DR, BN113DW, BN113ED, BN113EF, BN113EH, BN113EN, BN113EP, BN113ER, BN113ET, BN113HD, BN113HN, BN113HP, BN113HS, BN113HX, BN113JJ, BN113JN, BN113JT, BN113JU, BN113JX, BN113LA, BN113LB, BN113LD, BN113LE, BN113LF, BN113LG, BN113LH, BN113LL, BN113LQ, BN113LS, BN113LU, BN113LX, BN113ND, BN113NE, BN113NF, BN113NG, BN113NH, BN113NJ, BN113NL, BN113NN, BN113NQ, BN113NR, BN113NT, BN113NU, BN113NW, BN113PA, BN113PB, BN113PD, BN113PP, BN113PR, BN113QA, BN113QE, BN113QF, BN113QG, BN113QT, BN113QU, BN113QW, BN113RE, BN113RL, BN113RN, BN113SB, BN113YH, BN114AD, BN114AH, BN114AL, BN114AQ, BN114AS, BN114AT, BN114AU, BN114BB, BN114BD, BN114BF, BN114BH, BN114BJ, BN114BR, BN114BW, BN114BX, BN114BY, BN114DH, BN114DJ, BN114DP, BN114DS, BN114DY, BN114EB, BN114EJ, BN114EL, BN114EN, BN114EP, BN114ET, BN114EX, BN114GR, BN114HA, BN114HG, BN114HP, BN114HW, BN114JH, BN114JP, BN114JR, BN114JS, BN114JU, BN114JW, BN114JY, BN114LH, BN114LJ, BN114LL, BN114LS, BN114LT, BN114LU, BN114LY, BN114NA, BN114NF, BN114NL, BN114NN, BN114NR, BN114NS, BN114NU, BN114NX, BN114NY, BN114PB, BN114PD, BN114PF, BN114PJ, BN114PP, BN114PU, BN114PY, BN114QD, BN114QF, BN114QG, BN114QL, BN114QQ, BN114QS, BN114QT, BN114QU, BN114QY, BN114RA, BN114RB, BN114RE, BN114RG, BN114RH, BN114RJ, BN114RN, BN114RP, BN114RQ, BN114RU, BN114RW, BN114RY, BN114RZ, BN114SB, BN114SD, BN114SF, BN114SJ, BN114SL, BN114SR, BN114SS, BN114WF, BN115AE, BN115AL, BN115AP, BN115AS, BN115AT, BN115AX, BN115AY, BN115AZ, BN115BA, BN115BJ, BN115BS, BN115BW, BN115DA, BN115DB, BN115DF, BN115DG, BN115DR, BN115DZ, BN115EE, BN115EN, BN115ER, BN115EU, BN115HB, BN115HF, BN115HG, BN115HH, BN115HQ, BN115HT, BN115HU, BN115HW, BN115HZ, BN115JA, BN115JL, BN115JN, BN115JR, BN115JS, BN115JU, BN115JZ, BN115LA, BN115LD, BN115LE, BN115LF, BN115LG, BN115LH, BN115LJ, BN115LL, BN115LN, BN115LS, BN115LT, BN115LU, BN115LZ, BN115NA, BN115NB, BN115ND, BN115NE, BN115NF, BN115NG, BN115NH, BN115NL, BN115NP, BN115NQ, BN115NR, BN115NS, BN115NT, BN115NW, BN115NY, BN115NZ, BN115PA, BN115QD, BN115QF, BN115QG, BN115QH, BN115QJ, BN115QL, BN115QQ, BN115QS, BN115QT, BN115QW, BN115QY, BN115RA, BN115RD, BN115RL, BN115RN, BN115RQ, BN115RX, BN115RZ, BN115SD, BN115SH, BN115SL, BN115SN, BN115SS, BN118BJ, BN119FG

    Local 1 Hour Service
    I am very happy with the work carried out by the your Aerial installers.
    Mr Chaplin Hartington Rd, Brighton, BN2
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    F2 22 Cross Street,
    BN1 1UP



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