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Aerial & Satellite Express are specialists at supplying and installing a range of high end satellite tv systems, capable of receiving European satellite TV, and can tailor make any satellite tv system to receive a variety of languages and channels, such as; French, German, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and many many more!


  • European Compatible Fixed Dish Digital Satellite Receiver
  • 60/80cm High Grade Satellite Dish Complete With Single Output LNB
  • High Quality Steel Support Bracketry & Mast
  • Digital Grade High Quality Low Loss Coaxial Cable
  • Satellite Dish Aligned By Digital Signal Meter – Top Quality Reception!
  • All Aerial & Satellite Express Installations are Digital Switchover Compliant
  • 1 Year Parts & Labour Guarantee As Standard


Aerial & Satellite Express also employ a number of highly trained Motorised Satellite Specialists who can install a motorised satellite system to your specifications.

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All Aerial & Satellite Express Installers Have Years of Experience

  • Local Installers, With In-depth Knowledge of Your Area
  • Full Public Liability Insurances & Our Aims
  • Quality Materials & Tools To Ensure The BEST Installation
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  • SAMEDAY SERVICE – Usually Within Hours of Your Telephone Call or WhatsApp!!

A fixed European satellite TV system is a great alternative to Sky Digital, and with many satellites available, there are thousands of satellite tv channels to choose from, depending on your viewing requirements.

There a number of ‘Free To Air’ television channels where no monthly fee or subscription is required. There are also a number of premium subscription television channels, and also encrypted channels which require a decryption card to be unlocked. Please note, your European satellite receiver will require a CAM for these channels.

If you are unsure of which satellite you wish to receive channels from, or require advice on the systems and languages available, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Sales Team on 0800 046 7879 to discuss your requirements in further detail.

Already have a European Satellite system?

If you already have a European satellite television system and are having tv reception issues, or aren’t receiving the tv channels you would like, we can provide a thorough system service.

Aerial & Satellite Express can also re-align your fixed satellite tv system to a different satellite if you wish to receive a different selection of channels and languages. Remember, every time you want to change which satellite you receive your broadcasts from, with a fixed European system, re-alignment of the dish is required and you will no longer receive the original satellite signal. One of our highly trained engineers can attend your property and methodically check your entire satellite tv installation, including cabling and the setup of your receiver, and by using a spectrum analyzer, ensure the satellite dish is correctly aligned and receiving the maximum signal possible.

Satellite TV – Motorised Satellite Dishes & Receivers

Are you looking to receive a wide variety of European and Middle Eastern digital TV channels and languages available? Then a fully installed digital motorised satellite dish or receiver system could be your answer! WhatsApp us today!

The MAIN benefit of motorised digital satellite tv system is that the digital satellite receiver can be programmed to receive digital signals from a multitude of satellites in orbit, and when you wish to change which satellite you receive channels from, it will automatically re-position the dish to the pre-programmed locations and receive the new digital tv channels, without the need for any manual configuration.

We can tailor any motorised satellite installation to suit your requirements, as there are many satellites and options available. There are literally thousands of free digital channels available, providing a vast variety of entertainment in many different languages, many of which are free!

In Addition, there are also premium subscription channels, and encrypted channels which require a decryption card. Please note, you will require a receiver with CAM access for these channels to be unlocked.


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