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#30DaysOfCharity – 1) The Samaritans

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Hello, and welcome to our 30 day challenge. We are going to blog about a different charity we support every day, for 30 days!

The first charity on our list are the Samaritans. Probably one of the oldest and most widely known charities – but what do they actually do?

The Samaritans help people in the UK who are struggling emotionally or mentally, and are suffering from depression. They focus specifically on the UK and the people within it, and the Samaritans are almost 100% funded by public donations. I think we can all relate to the work they do, as I think everyone knows someone who struggles with the pressures of modern day life.


We’ve supported the Samaritans for many years now and send a monthly donation – if you would like to support the amazing work they do then please visit;

Or, if you feel you may benefit from talking to one of their friendly compassionate staff members about some issues you are facing in your life, then you can call 116 123 or visit their website and reach out to them online.


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