Donating to BookAid International to help people to develop.


#30DaysOfCharity – 34) Book Aid International

Aerial Express

Here at Aerial Express we’re proud to support different charities. We’ve always wanted to be more than just a business. It’s been our mission since the start to support good causes far and wide. We donated to the BookAid International as they believe that books have the power to change lives. This belief underpins their vision, mission and the values which guide everything they do.

They provide books so that people can change their own lives through reading.

Literacy and access to information have been shown to reduce poverty, providing opportunities for work, increasing household income and even improving health. A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five.

Through their network of partners, they supply around one million carefully selected, brand new books to public, community libraries, schools, refugee camps, hospitals, prisons and universities. Their work would not be possible without the generous support of publishers, who donate over 97% of the books we send.

They also run project and programmes which give teachers and librarians the skills to support readers, and children in particular, and transform their libraries into resources at the heart of their communities.


If you’d like to find out more about this charity visit the website or for support call 020 77 33 3577 .

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