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#30DaysOfCharity – 47) Humane Society International

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And again we made a donation to Humane Society International last May. Humane Society International UK is a leading force for animal protection, with active campaigns to protect British wildlife, to reduce and replace animal use in scientific research and product testing, to expose and stop the sale of fur, and to reduce the number of animals suffering on farms.

With your help, they are shaping the dialogue to catalyze animal welfare reform and influence public opinion, corporate priorities, legislative action and governmental collaboration.

They continue to push the incremental but steady shift in people’s mindsets to increased awareness of welfare issues, better-informed consumer choices and support both for initiatives providing relief to animals and laws mandating their protection.


Humane Society International

If you’d like to find out more about this charity visit the website or for support call 020 7490 5288.

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